Story Telling

Storytelling: A Skill For All

Effective Storytelling

When you feel a story, you see it. When you see a story, you tell it effectively. Everyone’s life is a story that has been authentically felt and therefore can be drawn upon to utilize every emotionally valuable detail to move and inspire.

“You can connect with others within seconds, Just like a song does”

3 proven techniques for effective storytelling

1. The level at which you feel, they will feel (Vulnerability is the key to connection) Learn the power of really “feeling” what you say

2 Help others not feel alone (The greatest gift we can give to others is reliability) if you meet anyones intrinsic need not to feel alone, you’ve made a friend

3. Tell your story (If you authentically share any aspect of your life, I’ll see mine) Let your life be the catalyst for effective storytelling