Jimmy Yeary isn't just a songwriter, a singer, or a speaker, he's an advocate for human emotion, connectedness, and outreach to all with whom he comes into contact. As a speaker, Jimmy weaves his ability to tell stories that speak to the heart and emotional memories of all mankind. Teaching these principles, audience members are better able to understand how they can lead and grow in their organizations in a way that makes an impact and unites all under a common goal set and front. If you're looking for a speaker that will make an impact, Jimmy is your man. Book him for your next event now.

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We’ve hired Jimmy Yeary twice to speak to an audience of business executive about how to build meaningful connections with others and I’ve never seen an audience more engaged and authentic than during his keynote. Cultivating relationships with others is a vulnerable practice and Jimmy gave actionable principles along with interactive examples showing how connecting with others in a short period of time is not only possible but fun. He did an excellent job for both our in-person and virtual events. We’d hire him again in a heartbeat.
-Amanda Alvarez, Event Director, Informa

If I feel it, you feel it. Great session!

He was fantastic!

Jimmy's session was amazing and creative.


It was fun and refreshing way to see creativity in action.

- Event Attendee
Jimmy! Thank you for an inspiring session at our recent event! And, when I say inspiring, I mean visibly INSPIRING! You said about relationships, “If it’s not personal, you’re doing it wrong.” It was amazing to see how people’s conversations changed after your message. One month later, our attendees are still quoting you, have overtly been practicing your techniques and some have even written songs! Thank you for sharing your stories, your craft and for sharing how to connect with people more deeply. It’s paying off already!
-Bobbie Cummins, Marketing Director, Bailiwick

Unreal experience. SOOOOOO COOOL.

I've been familiar with the concept of storytelling for some time now, but something clicked with me when Jimmy gave numerous examples of HOW to do that in one sentence. Ex: Instead of "I have two daughters" - "I host a weekly spa night for a 6 and 4 year old at Mom't spa where I specialize in hot pink and glitter" Way more fun 🙂

Wow, just wow!

– Event Attendee

Our team get-together with Jimmy Yeary was truly incredible! I have told my whole family about it, and how the details you share are what make a story come to life and connect you with others.

When he created a song for our team and sang it for us, I had chills!

– Danielle Blugrind, Senior Consumer Insights Manager, Roku

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