Have Jimmy Yeary brighten up your next event or conference

Book Jimmy for your next major event. He travels from Nashville, Tennessee and will require two nights of hotel, professional ground transportation and meals.


Jimmy has a way of captivating an audience like I have never seen. He is a storyteller with a genuine soul. Jimmy has a gift of turning a room of strangers into friends—and the talent to turn their deepest emotions into song.

When he finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room and an overwhelming sense of connection. I would describe this experience as more of a refreshing therapy session that we didn’t want to end. He reminded us that deep down, we are all navigating this world together—that we are all the same. Thank you for an experience we will never forget. Lotts Creek Community School

Jimmy, our audience loved your session so much that they petitioned to bring you back to ACE next year in San Diego. This will be the first time in 25 conferences that the same speaker will deliver a keynote two years in a row. Jimmy was gracious, engaging, memorable, clear, impassioned and thoughtful as he took our audience full circle from laughs to tears.

Everyone was left in amazement when he picked up all the pieces and turned them into a masterpiece of emotions. Jimmy is undeniably amongst the best keynotes I have ever seen. Our attendees from all over the world absolutely 100% agreed. Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, Founder and CEO of IAITAM®